Legal Tech Foundation

A Firm Foundation Needed For Accelerating Legal Tech Success!

“The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundation be laid.” — Thomas a Kempis


In Houston, Texas where I live we have “Gumbo Soil.” What’s that? It is soil which has a high clay content which traps moisture making it swell, and then when it dries it shrinks. Because the subsoil water table is high, there are no homes built with basements, and there is therefore a predominance of floating slab foundations for homes, i.e., a large slab of concrete is poured on top of the soil surface upon which a home is constructed. And now, guess what? The gumbo soil expands and contracts and moves and sinks and rises causing differential stress and settlement on the floating slab foundation which leads to cracking. The home owner sees cracking brick veneer, sticking doors, cracks in ceilings, walls and floors. Foundation repair is a big business in Houston.


Legal Tech point solutions are built upon the foundation of an existing Information Infrastructure.

This consists of the aggregate of people and systems that collect, process, disseminate, or act on information. And your Legal Tech connects to all of that.


Information Infrastructure

Consists of Six Pillars.

What are they?


Those data ecosystem elements key to delivering business results

Infrastructure components with corporate level financial impacts

Required for justifying/monitoring legal tech investments ROI


Best practices for efficient infrastructure operation

Disciplines to be maintained to get the most from AI investments

Methods to ensure legal tech user experience is highest value


Culture excellence keys for legal tech assimilation and use

Crucial competencies for legal tech success

Staff technical disciplines required inside or out-sourced


Architectural considerations to assure superior performance

System qualities which shorten time to value

Key characteristics of technical components excellence


Best practice workflows to get fully engaged

Methodologies practiced for infrastructure excellence

Key data-rich business process and infrastructure alignment


Digital risk strategies implemented for required protection

Critical protection systems deployed across all platforms

Frameworks for secure access management


It pays to look under the hood and assess the strength of these Six Pillars, and establish a plan to repair or strengthen any elements that are identified as crucial to success. You have convinced yourself, your organization, and your leadership, that your Legal Tech software point solution is worth every penny for the investment to be made. But you don’t want it to be slow to start up, to not have high adoption and usage, or worst, have it fail.

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.”

— Peter Drucker



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Bill Bispeck

Bill Bispeck

COO InCite LegalTech and Co-Host of The “Don’t Suck at AI” Podcast | Leadership in Digital Transformation